I am a mechanical/HVAC engineer specializing in HVAC design for marine, commercial and industrial applications, including controls of all types (electromechanical, electronic, pneumatic, DDC, energy management and combustion). My specialty is solving problems related to design, construction or servicing of HVAC systems and equipment. I also design, review designs or redesign such systems or equipment to eliminate problems or provide extended capabilities and capacities, including functionality not commercially available. Of course, I also provide initial designs, especially of a difficult, complex or unusual nature. I am used to providing innovative solutions to problems "outside the box". It is not unusual for me to be called as an expert witness. Frankly, I am not the man to hire to design your strip mall HVAC system. Where I save you money is with superior knowledge. Throughout my web site you will find examples of the kinds of design work I'm used to performing and problems I'm used to solving. If I scanned in old paper drawings, I could show you an even wider range of experience. Navigation links start in the table below and most pages have a return link to this "Welcome" page.

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Note that my services are not available to the public but only to corporations, contractors, engineers and naval architects. If you are an individual and cannot obtain the help or information you need elsewhere, send an e-mail to me (ted@tedvollers.com) requesting free advice which I will supply if possible.

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Believing in simplicity and to maximize available space on the screen and minimize download times, I have not used frames but simple tables with links at the bottom of each web page. Since many of the pages are large, I'm trying to make them worth your while with maximum information for minimal download time. Please send an e-mail to me at ted@tedvollers.com about any comments on the web site design. It would be appreciated. As an engineer, not a web artist, I have kept things simple.